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wood grain finishes

Available on single steel sheet, and insulated panels. Thorouhgly treated, multiple layers of protection against corrosion.

Insulated panels are low maintenance cladding option with excellent properties as opposed to wood cladding.
Insulated panels are perfect for outdoor buildings. Once installed, they become part of the structure and more importantly, they have excellent insulation properties.

Different fillings have different performance properties, PIR, PUR, and compisite. Panel thickness from 40mm.

Kingspan RW Profile Single skin or insulated

RAL colours available on insulated or single skin sheets. Contact us with your project and preferred finish.

insulated render

SFS system along with insulated render. Consist of well known, durable long lasting building materials such as structural  cement board, galvanised steel and K render to name a few. Each component known to last without maintenance.  SHOW ME ONE