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Design Your own building

Good Design is thorough down to the last detail. Scroll down for more details.

Size and shape

First and foremost your sketch should indicate size and shape of the building. Don’t forget to specify ridge, and eaves height as these two as important as the floor plan.

Doors and windows

Additional windows and doors are optional extras. Please also  specify opening size and position of opening on your sketch.



Wood grain finishes available, can be installed on any building. 


rendered insulated outbuilding

We offer K Rend which is known to last longer than traditional sand and cement.

Plastisol Coated

Galvanised steel sheet, PVC plastisol coated for added protection.


Changes and amendments can be made at this stage, however, it will delay the process therefore lead time starts from the point you have approved the drawing and we can place orders for the required materials.

barge cover, flashing, trimming

You can make your own custom barge cover, window and door trimming as well. Otherwise come as standard and matching color with the cladding.


Once you are happy with the drawing we can start the process. From this point it takes average 3-4 weeks to completion. However, it could take longer or shorter. It is always depends on the actual project. The process consist of submitting orders, collecting materials for the building, further planning at our side. Please get in touch with your project.