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Design Your own building

Good Design is thorough down to the last detail. Scroll down for more details.

Size and shape

The first thing to start with is the size and shape of the building you require.

Doors and windows

If you need additional windows and doors, please indicate that on your sketch.

Choose your finish

We have wood grain finishes available, can be installed on any building. As well as simple colours from the RAL chart.

barge cover, flashing, trimming

You can make your own barge cover, window and door trimming as well. Here is how please take a look at the image. Otherwise comes as standard shape and matching colour with the cladding.

Final drawing

Once we have all the details we need, we prepare a drawing using the measurements you have supplied.


If you are happy with the plan we can start the process. From this point it takes 3-4 weeks to installation of the building. The process consist of submitting orders, collecting materials for the building, further planning at our side.

Our suppliers Albion sections

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Are you ready with your plan?

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